The Club

Arsenal Invicta Supporters Club is in its first season and newly established in 2016. We intend to help fans obtain tickets and arrange get to match days.

Our Chairman who formed the Club was born in Holloway road in the early 1950’s. His Grandfather was an Islingtonian and began supporting Arsenal from the day they moved to North London. The entire family are Gunners Supporters from his parents, Wife, Children, Grandchildren, Godchildren to his son-in-laws and daughter-in-law.

Having been through the dire times of 1950’s/60’s, watching the triumphs of the local rivals in 1960’s and on his first visits to Wembley to witness defeats by Leeds United and then Swindon Town. To then Experience the euphoria of the first trophy at Highbury “The Fairs Cup” followed the next season by the magical Double. With Arsenal life is never dull, some fantastic times that will never be forgotten, winning the double a second time to out do the old enemy, the season of the invincibles, to the low points, losing the Champions league Final and so on.

We hope this club can take the ethos of a family group. We will follow the Arsenal through the ups and downs of family life, the family has begun with 70 members and the hope is to grow our numbers. We will organise some meetings and social events and work with local charities to help Those less well off than ourselves in Kent.